Jedarkka Iejirthar

Elf sorcerer student with force dragon lineage


HP: 38
AC: 17 (including Mage Armor)
Initiative: +3
Fortitude: +3
Reflex: +4
Will: +3
STR: 17
DEX: 16
CON: 14
INT: 14
WIS: 9
CHA: 22

Before you stands a tall thin elf woman, garbed in simple white tunic and breeches, belted with a sash. Her feet are covered with a set of soft black boots, and just beneath her stark blond hair is a brass circlet with scale-like tracings. She carries a rope over one shoulder and a grappling hook and a few pouches hang from her belt. At her side is a curved sword seeming to be carved from bone. The tips of her fingers trace around the hilt as she eyes you. As she approaches you can faintly see her skin is also comprised of tiny scales.


Half-sister: Fjaresti Iejirthar-Happadalssýsla
Brother-in-law: Snæfellsnes di Happadalssýsla
Niece: Alθingi di Happadalssýsla

Born into a family of dragonfriends, or Darastrixthurirl, Jedarkka Iejirthar was never far from the life of the arcane. Adventurous and strong of will though she was, it was family tradition impressed upon her by her father and her late mother that pushed her to the academy to fully understand and embrace the draconic blood bestowed by her great grandmother. However she was never quite able to keep up with the arcane studies as the other students could and she was quickly relegated to other tasks. Jedarkka hated disappointing her father, and she hated more that she would be disappointing her mother were she alive. Her strong personality did win her a few friends who stuck by her despite being classes ahead of her. These friends shared her love of the divine, and she spent much of her free time with them poring through the religious tomes of the university and discussing theology with the local priests, and occasionally sparring with a paladin named Brilly.

Meanwhile, though her father was emphatic that Jedarkka maintain her Darastrixthurirl traditions, he was not technically one of their number. He married Jedarrka’s mother and sired Jedarkka, but had no draconic blood in his lineage. He paid her tuition to the University and remained in contact to hear how well she was doing, but other than that he kept his distance to try to move on from her mother’s death. He married a human woman and had a daughter Fjaresti, who would spend much of her time growing up visiting Jedarkka in the University, and going with her on visits to the temples. As time went on though her sister grew into her own person, marrying a local commoner who lived outside of the city, and visited less.

The tasks the University teachers had her performing were those that required more strength than most of the spindly university students could provide. Carrying stacks of weighty tomes, wrestling monstrous scorpions into milking position, and delivering boxes of alchemical components. It was just after one such delivery that Jedarkka cast her first spell. She was observing an experiment being performed in the alchemy tower by the higher level mage students with the components she had brought. Professor Skorcallad was discussing with a student the effects of ogre hair versus bulls hair in a potion of strength and not paying attention to the cauldron. A student over the pot asked “Should this be pink? What are we making again?” Just before all Abyss broke loose. The entire room seemed to explode and Jedarkka found herself alone with another unconscious student and a wall of multicolored fire between her and the door. Behind her was a window, though it was a full 50 feet to the ground. She lifted the student and began praying to her grandmother and Tamara for dragons wings. She jumped.

Later she awoke and was told by the yearling mages in the courtyard how she had indeed sprouted translucent draconic wings and floated much of the way down, before crunching on the ground. Mistress Prianna called for her after her wounds had been healed. “I have been waiting a long time for you to do something like that.”

Jedarkka has been training under Mistress Prianna for 4 years now and is making steady progress in learning to project the magic in her blood into its own corporeal forms.

Jedarkka Iejirthar

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