Lumberjacks and Dragons

Hangin with the Bandits

Jedarkka marked a coin and sent it out with the courier as part of the payment delivered to the bandits. Snæfellsnes tracked the bandits, assisted at points by magical tracking of the coin in the bag the bandits were carrying. Unfortunately, the bandits had set up an ambush and the pair found themselves surrounded. Thinking quickly, they convinced the bandits they were seeking to join in their number. After being blindfolded and led to the bandit’s lair, an underground tunnel system, they were introduced to the leader of the bandits, none other than Lali Medalesire whom they were seeking to rescue. After a talk with her they were informed they would be under a probation and induction process. They spent the night in separate rooms. The next morning they were led out with 6 bandits to go do what bandits do. It didn’t take long before a pair of merchants and their mercenary guard came down the road. At the moment of attack however, the duo turned on the bandits they were with and though there were times when the bandits clearly had the upper hand, they eventually all lay unmoving on the road. They tied up the still living bandits and headed back to town.


aedanuaine htourjee

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