Lumberjacks and Dragons

Meet the Ogres

Thom and Snæfellsnes easily infiltrated the city and began searching. As they were looking for a magic bowl that may or may not summon demons according to Oreo, they headed for the most savagely religiously ornate building figuring that would be where any relics would be found amongst these savages. Thom teleporting into the SRO Building did indeed lead them to the bowl, guarded by a box and boxed in by guards. Unfortunately the guarded box was trapped with various alarms which went off and summoned the back room shaman OozeMan the ogre. He interrogated Thom on who he was and why he was there.

After trying to avoid answering anything and getting very little information from OozeMan other than the ogres were friendly to outsiders that don’t attack them and were expecting someone to come and get the real bowl (the one in the guard-box was a fake) from the trolls that live in the Magical Mesa of Magic Moments, the two went back to the camp to report.

Gyleon set up a plan where his crew would attack the city from several sides drawing attention from the center, while Thom and Snæfellsnes would sneak back in and grab the icon.

Snæfellsnes and Thom instead snuck in and asked OozeMan if he had a spare fake bowl. He did. They gave it to Guy and then split off from Guy and his crew. Instead of heading north like they told him, the pair headed back to OozeMan to get ready to go after the real bowl in possession of the trolls of the Spell-filled Steppe of Swirling Spells.


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