Lumberjacks and Dragons

The Long Haul

Continuing on their travels, they reached the edge of the desert uneventfully. Stocking up at the city on the edge of the desert, the expedition traded their horses for camels, one of which quickly befriended Snæfellsnes. A few weeks travel into the desert however, the expedition was raided at night by a group of ogres. After fighting back and forth a few moments and taking out only two ogres, the party was already looking beaten. Thom summoned up an image of a blue dragon, which scared off all but one remaining ogre, which the rest of the party was able to dispatch.

A few days of travel later, the expedition’s navigator, Chass, found signs of an oasis, which Snæfellsnes was able to quickly locate. Seeing as how oases can attract other life in the desert, Gyleon thought it necessary to send down a forward group to scout: himself, Thom, Snæfellsnes, and Chass. As they neared, they heard a woman shrieking for help. Quickening their pace, the group saw her as soon as they looked over the ridge, but saw nothing seeming to endanger her, until a behemoth creature rose from the sand and struck her down. The party rushed to attack the beast. Thom used a teleportation spell to swap places with the unconscious woman so Chass could see to her while the other three saw to the monster. Snæfellsnes rode his new camel friend up to face the creature, and dismounted before bringing the camel into danger. Gyleon was unable to keep his camel under control enough to get very close without dismounting. Snæfellsnes struck a few great blows, which took the leviathan’s attention, allowing Thom to plunge his daggers into the monster’s softer parts, slaying it.

As the monster lay dead and Chass revived the woman, another figure appeared over a dune. A dwarf woman in official dress, attempting to arrest Gyleon. Gyleon attacked her, but again with a bit of teleportation, found himself manacled. After an impromptu trial, in which Thom was able to learn a few things that Gyleon had been hiding by use of a detect thoughts spell, it was determined that Gyleon was likely guilty of something, but would not get a fair trial where he was going to be taken, and because the party was already in the middle of something anyway, the party sent the dwarf named Oreo away tied up under the care of the sand woman they just saved from the beast, with instructions to take her away and then release her.

Again, a few days passed, and the group ran into the sand people, this time in force. After assuring them the expedition intended to kill the ogres, they provided directions on how to get to where the ogres were. Thanks were given all ’round, and the expedition moved on.

An ambiguous amount of time passed (it’s the desert, after a while it all just runs together), and the crew reached a large ruined city, which while ruined, did not seem entirely abandoned, as they could see large shadows moving through it. Thom and Snæfellsnes were elected as stealthy enough to infiltrate the city and try to find the bowl that Gyleon sought.

To be continued.


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